Finding Programs

How to Find and Add a Program to Your Plan

You can search or browse both classes and major/minor programs within Stellic. The program search even shows how courses you've already taken would fit into a different major or minor, so that you can get an idea of what would happen if you switch or add a program.

After clicking on the Program tab, you can type any search into the Program search bar to get started. Then use filters to hone in on what you want. In the example below, the "type" filter is showing where you can filter by major, minor or additional major. Other filters are there for whether a course is offered by a specific school or department, or undergraduate/graduate programs.

Programs tab screenshot

Program Information

Select any program, then scroll through to see the available courses and requirements for the program. You can only test your classes on a program that has an audit available. 

Numbers in red indicate courses still needed to fill the requirements, and green checks indicate requirements that are filled. Check here for a full breakdown of symbols. 

You can scroll to the bottom to see all the ‘unmatched courses’. This will give you a quick view of how many of your classes wouldn’t fit into that program - great information if you are considering switching majors.

When you're interested in adding the program to your plan, select the Add to Plan button:

Add to Plan option

If you don’t see an audit for a program you’re interested in, ask your advisor! It may be that an audit exists, but isn’t visible to you. Advisors should be able to make an exception so that you can access the information. 

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