Finding Courses

Course Search is a powerful tool that you can use either from the ‘Courses’ tab, or from the sidebar in your planner.

Course Search and Filters

There are many filters to help you narrow down exactly what you’re searching for.

Each university will have their own tags and attributes.

Tip: Course search defaults to courses on your campus. To search in other campuses, click ‘more’ in the filter options, and either select a campus or ‘Campus’ to search all.

You can also access the course search from within the degree tab by clicking on the "+" button in the desired term.

Course Information

When you click on a class you’ll be able to see the lots of helpful details in the sidebar, such as when it’s usually offered, instructors, a full description from the university course catalog, prerequisites required and what it would count for you in your own programs. If supported by your school, you can also see if the course has a non-traditional grading scale.

You can add courses to your plan directly from the course information by clicking ‘add to plan’, and then selecting the semester.

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